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cantik btol umah banglo tepi pantai ni...
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cantik btol umah

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Sunday, 18-Feb-2007 12:00
...forgotten beauty of port dickson...
(*sori, lambat giler upload all the pics sbb kena compile from two lenses. gambar terlalu banyak. kena tapis dan pilih yg best je. tapi semua pun best, tu yg lambat tu... hehe... enjoys!) 8-)

i have been to port dickson with my family numerous times. my memories of those trips are bittersweet, for growing up in the adolesence years was never too easy for me.

i returned to port dickson with my bigger family (me, mak, mak lang, uncle noi, auntie zaini, babah, kak nurul, kak ina, abg yadi, leman, avee, ijal, rose, mohd shafiq, farid haikal, darren haikal, fenriz & armand ezra) - we convoi in 5 cars. we desperately needed to get back in touch with nature. so, we decided to venture back to port dickson after a self-imposed exile from the town for years.

port dickson, or PD as it is more commonly called, is only an hour's drive away from kuala lumpur which makes it an ideal getaway for city folks. PD is a small seaside port town facing the straits of malacca, one of the busiest shipping waterways in the world. with the new highways that lead directly to the town of port dickson from kuala lumpur and elsewhere, and with all the new and bigger hotels and resorts, i hardly recognized this place as i used to remember it. during our 2D 1N stay in PD, never once did we play on the beach or swim in the water by the beach, except for one brief evening visit to one of the beaches. we swam and played in the pool in the hotel where we stayed, http://www.legendwaterchalets.com.my(The Legend Water Chalets), and so did other patrons of the hotel... i was told it was not safe to play on the beach -- the sun was too hot, the air was polluted (the haze and smog was so bad that one can see and smell it), the water was unclean, the beach was unkempt, blablabla...

in its heydays during the 1950's, 60's & 70's, port dickson was a very popular destination where the sea water was actually clear and you could find seashells anywhere off the beach. there were even coral reefs out there. sadly, everything has changed - for the worse. now, many avoid it like the plague because it is generally known that the beaches are dirty, waters polluted and has developed into a concrete-jungle by money-hungry holiday condo property developers. so it was only natural that we approached the town with much resistance.

but we were pleasantly surprised that there were some parts of the PD coast that still retained its charm. we just need to explore and drive further in to find these places, but that is what makes it fun for day-trippers like us. seek & u may pleasantly find enough peace and beauty in PD to help u gain ur sanity back from the stresses of city life.

so, has port dickson lost its charm? well, i'll let our photos speak for themselves.. i hope u enjoy them!

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